Mark & Lego

Serving in the Army National Guard since 2004, Mark was deployed to both OIF in 2007 and OEF in 2011.  During these deployments doing route clearance, vehicle recovery and maintenance for over 100 missions, he was exposed to numerous IED’s and their aftermaths.  Since his last deployment, he has been working to manage both the physical and mental health challenges that were a result of his previous responsibilities.

Joining us in the summer of 2020, Mark has worked incredibly hard during the training process and the bond that he and Lego have is undeniable.  Hitting a difficult wall during this process, Lego literally saved Mark’s life and helped him feel that he is loved in a way that no person has been able to do.  He also helped motivate Mark, he saw how much Lego needed him in that moment too.  As he says, “I saved him and he saved me.”

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