Stephen & Maggie

After serving five years in the Navy, Stephen went on to work for the fire department in the city of Malden, MA.   Retiring in 2020, he made his way to settle up in the Lakes Region of NH.  While his family is nearby, Stephen was finding himself alone most of the time and feeling isolated.  Upon meeting Stephen, we could tell that he would greatly benefit from the program, not just in getting a service dog but with making connections in class.  We also had a feeling we just by chance had the right dog for him.

Maggie had been with us for a bit and now we know it’s because she was waiting for Stephen.  It was an instant connection and she has been by his side ever since, even while he is studying for his Master’s program.  As Stephen and Maggie near the end of their training with us, we are excited to see what adventures the two have in store.

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