Miro & Scooby

Discharged in March of 2015, after almost 8 years of service as an Army Infantryman, Miro applied to join our program a few short months later in June.  At that time, he was in the midst of making his transition into civilian life and we were not able to approve his application.  But that was not enough to dissuade Miro from reapplying two years later.   Coming back to us, Miro was more settled in a new home and attending school part time.  Given his new situation, we were excited to have him join our program and support him on his journey to getting a service dog.

It took some time to find Miro’s perfect match, but when Scooby joined us it made sense as to why, this was the dog for Miro.  So laid back, Scooby is a perfect support for Miro whether he is studying for his master’s degree, working on the board for Veteran’s Legal Service in MA, or simply running errands.

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