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After serving over 4 years in the United States Marine Corps, Heather’s transition to civilian life in 2006 has been a challenging time.  These challenges did not stop her from pushing forward and is currently finishing her doctorate program at a local prestigious university. At the end of 2020 she took a great leap and contacted Operation Delta Dog for help.

Heather has already made tremendous strides in the training program, due in part to her tenacity and strength, as well as Juno being by her side for support.  He is excelling at grounding Heather when she is feeling anxious and helping to improve her sleep.  He is a happy dog, right by Heather’s side letting her know that she can always count on him.  And he has a cute little snore!


While serving in the National Guard, Michael was deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2012.  Shortly thereafter, he was retired from military service.  With the support of those around him, he was encouraged to reach out to Operation Delta Dog in the summer of 2020 to try and receive the help that he had yet been able to find.

Michael demonstrated his dedication from the very beginning and has not waivered during his time with us.  This has made his training with Jose immensely successful, and Michael is already seeing the difference Jose is making in his life.  Working towards setting up a veteran support non-profit in MA, Michael is energized with improved sleep and able to be out in the world on a daily basis.  With such progress already, we see tremendous things in Michael and Jose’s future together.


Serving in the Army National Guard since 2004, Mark was deployed to both OIF in 2007 and OEF in 2011.  During these deployments doing route clearance, vehicle recovery and maintenance for over 100 missions, he was exposed to numerous IED’s and their aftermaths.  Since his last deployment, he has been working to manage both the physical and mental health challenges that were a result of his previous responsibilities.

Joining us in the summer of 2020, Mark has worked incredibly hard during the training process and the bond that he and Lego have is undeniable.  Hitting a difficult wall during this process, Lego literally saved Mark’s life and helped him feel that he is loved in a way that no person has been able to do.  He also helped motivate Mark, he saw how much Lego needed him in that moment too.  As he says, “I saved him and he saved me.”


Christine retired after serving in the National Guard for 22 years, a time that included two tours; Bosnia in 2001 and in 2006 to support the efforts in OIF.  She made the transition into a career in education with her family by her side, but there was still work to be done to address the challenges she was left to overcome after her retirement.  Referred to Operation Delta Dog by another veteran, Christine has been able to incorporate the training program into her already busy life since she started in the summer of 2020. 

And Sully fit right in! A seriously laid back dog, Sully has a perfect attitude to be by Christine’s side while she is tackling all the daily responsibilities and her own mental health and wellness.  His sweet calm nature helps calm her anxiety and relax in the moment.


After 14 years in the Army and three tours, including OIF in 2005 and OEF in 2008, David retired in 2019.  A year later, David reached out to Operation Delta Dog for help. 


After serving five years in the Navy, Stephen went on to work for the fire department in the city of Malden, MA.   Retiring in 2020, he made his way to settle up in the Lakes Region of NH.  While his family is nearby, Stephen was finding himself alone most of the time and feeling isolated.  Upon meeting Stephen, we could tell that he would greatly benefit from the program, not just in getting a service dog but with making connections in class.  We also had a feeling we just by chance had the right dog for him.

Maggie had been with us for a bit and now we know it’s because she was waiting for Stephen.  It was an instant connection and she has been by his side ever since, even while he is studying for his Master’s program.  As Stephen and Maggie near the end of their training with us, we are excited to see what adventures the two have in store.


Paul spent four years in the US Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer, during which time he was deployed as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.  Since his separation, he earned his bachelor’s in business and works to defend our NH coastline at the nuclear power plant in Seabrook. 

Despite these accomplishments, Paul struggled to connect with the world outside of his home and away from his family.  Since Dobby headed home as Paul’s service dog in training, Paul has been able to spend more time outside the home on his own with less anxiety.  With graduation fast approaching, it is easy to see how beneficial Dobby has been in Paul’s life already and we are excited to see what their future has in store.


During his 11 years in the Navy, John served as a field medic and scout sniper.  Six tours later, including deployments supporting Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, John returned home with a host of physical and mental challenges.  Since joining our training program, John has proved to be an open book of honesty, dedication, and appreciation for being able to work towards a service dog of his own. 

A man dedicated to service of others; he has worked hard to be in service of himself since his transition to civilian life and now he is in service of Carmyn.  While she has been of tremendous support to him already, improving his sleep and providing the support needed during anxiety inducing situations, he lives to care for her like she is one of his children.  


Discharged in March of 2015, after almost 8 years of service as an Army Infantryman, Miro applied to join our program a few short months later in June.  At that time, he was in the midst of making his transition into civilian life and we were not able to approve his application.  But that was not enough to dissuade Miro from reapplying two years later.   Coming back to us, Miro was more settled in a new home and attending school part time.  Given his new situation, we were excited to have him join our program and support him on his journey to getting a service dog.

It took some time to find Miro’s perfect match, but when Scooby joined us it made sense as to why, this was the dog for Miro.  So laid back, Scooby is a perfect support for Miro whether he is studying for his master’s degree, working on the board for Veteran’s Legal Service in MA, or simply running errands. 

Heather spent 10 years in the Air Force, with one tour in Yemen, before transitioning back into civilian life.  Unfortunately, this was not the easiest transition, but Rose came in to save the day.  This sweet and calm girl has become Heather’s sidekick, by her side while she finished her bachelor’s degree and now moved on to start a master’s program shortly after graduating training. 

Rose helps Heather feel safe in the world on a daily basis.  With Rose’s support, Heather is now able to do things with her children and not have her challenges impact her kids’ childhood.

Bob & Jagger
Heather & Rose
Eric & Willow

Frank and Belle

Dale & Roman

Patrick & Chance

Jason & Emzie

Donald & Mocha
Bryan & Lindy
Nick & Saint

Jason & Dove
Brian & Maggie


Unfortunately, not every dog can be a service animal. But Operation Delta Dog feels that every dog has something to give, so we would like to honor these Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) that were trained by our staff. 

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